Launched in 1998, PAG aims to encourage local companies and inventors to capitalise their intellectual work through patent registration.



All locally incorporated companies, Hong Kong permanent residents or Hong Kong residents permitted to remain in Hong Kong for not less than 7 years which/who have never owned any patents in any countries or territories nor received funding under the PAG before will be eligible.

For individual applicants, the applicant must be the sole inventor or one of the joint inventors of the invention.

For company applicants, the inventor(s) of the invention shall be (a) directly related party/parties to the applicant company, e.g. owner, shareholder, director, or staff. As the PAG is for first-time patent seekers only, funding support will not be provided if funding has been granted under the PAG to the applicant company's related company(ies) (i.e. (1) company(ies) having a major shareholder (viz. those with 50% or more ownership) in common with the applicant company or (2) company(ies) without major shareholder(s) but having shareholders identical to those of the applicant company) before.

All applications for functional patents and inventions with technology elements and susceptible of industrial application are eligible. Cosmetic designs will not be supported. The implementation agent of the PAG, the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC), will first conduct a patent search-cum-technical assessment to ensure that there is a reasonable chance of obtaining patent.


Key Features

  • Maximum funding support: HK$250,000 or 90% of the sum of the total direct costs of patent application (including the cost for patent search-cum-technical assessment), whichever is the lower.
  • Individual applicant/company applicant to bear the remaining balance required for the patent application(s).
  • Approval non-transferrable and valid for 3 years from the date of approval of the application.



Applications will be processed through HKPC on a confidential basis. Applicants must provide HKPC with details of their ideas or inventions. A patent search-cum-technical assessment will be conducted by HKPC, based on which ITC will decide whether the applications should be approved. ITC's decision will be final.



You can obtain more information from HKPC as follows:


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